Restorative & Implant Dentistry

Services We Provide To Rejuvenate Your Smile

Because of our doctors’ extensive training, we have invested in advanced technology that enhances the way we provide you treatment. From one tooth to a whole set of new teeth, our team is equipped and prepared to give you a healthier and more complete smile that can last you a lifetime. Your Edgewater, NJ Dentists, Dr. Chen and Dr. Ahmed, can help revitalize and maintain your teeth and gums, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

With our technology, we can visualize our implant surgery before we even start. You know what they say, right? “Measure twice, cut once.” We will educate you on your surgeries so there are no surprises! 

Are you ready to smile with confidence?

With any questions or to schedule a consultation with Drs. Chen or Ahmed call our office at Edgewater Dental Group Phone Number 201-943-6644 or you can book online.

Dental Treatments: